Molekula is a Prague based creative studio that adapts its size & structure to fit the needs of every project.



7 seconds – that’s all you have
to make a first impression

You either make a great impression, or you lose that customer forever. We will make sure that your brand draws people in, is always recognizable, and is ultimately one that people fall in love with.


The right strategic direction is the key to extraordinary results

Before we get into design or communication, allow us to define “strategic direction.” It is a crucial aspect not only of brand building and marketing but primarily for guaranteeing business results.

We start by conducting market research and a business analysis. We forecast future developments and trends and reveal your primary competitive advantages and brand position. Then we closely monitor your brand, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between your brand identity and communication.


Make your brand visible and loud

A brand is defined by how it is perceived by customers on the outside, but also by how your employees see it on the inside. It’s the emotion that your brand evokes. But most importantly, it’s about whether or not your product sells and whether or not the best people in the business want to work for you.

This all comes down to a unified identity which is reflected in everything that represents you. From your logo, to your product, to the e-mails you send your customers. We will help you find your identity, give it a name and transform it into something tangible.

Brand identity
  1. Your values, personality, story, products and services
  2. Strategy, positioning, logo, visual elements, composition, images, tone of voice
  3. Customer experience, website, social media communication, printed materials

Top-notch and timeless web solutions

We create impeccably designed websites that will boost your relationship with your customers and meet even the most demanding business targets.

Whether it’s a complex portal, efficient landing page, corporate website or unique microsite–many of our past projects have received domestic and international acclaim.

We will help you to set your goals
Together we will define your target audience and goals. We will conduct a detailed analysis and select the right communication channels and content strategy to fit your needs.
The entire creative process from A to Z
We will present you with a concept that will illustrate how the website will look and feel. You will receive a functional prototype where you can test all of the site’s functionalities. We will write up the texts, draw the illustrations, shoot the videos and take photos. Then we will neatly wrap it all up in the perfect design, optimized for all devices.
We will bring the entire website to life
Our developers, together with our creative team, will bring the graphic designs to life. All of the details and animations will be fine-tuned to create the ultimate user experience. This of course comes with basic search engine optimization, setting up analytics and routine reporting.

Let your users fall in love with your digital product

Web and mobile applications, e-commerce solutions, smart TV apps or wearables. No matter the platform, our goal is to ensure the commercial success of your product as one that users know and love.

Our expertise extends to everything from planning and defining your product, to creating the concept and prototype, all the way to designing the final product and QA during development. We can also provide invaluable support for your internal team and lend a hand with implementation.

Web applications
Mobile apps
E-commerce solutions
TV apps



The essence of who we are is our
ability to create a unique team for each project.

The years spent in advertising and the communication business have taught us that every project is different and calls for different skillsets.
That’s why we work with a vast network of experts in strategy, UX, copywriting, design and more.

First we pinpoint the issue and then we identify the ideal solution. We then use this information to put together the right team with the required expertise.

No project is complete until everyone
is 100 % happy with it.