Big Data
is not boring

Data is the driving force of the modern age and technology companies are on the rise. That’s why offering first-rate services is simply no longer enough. Companies need to have a strong brand identity and memorable presence.

Datera is a technology company and perhaps quite the enigma to the average mortal. It specializes in data storage and processing and covers everything from data collection, analysis and infrastructure creation, to software implementation. How then can this abstract world of ones and zeroes be conceptualized to make it more accessible?

A key element here became the symbol of the dot, which represents the data in itself and also permeates all manifestations of the brand identity, from the raster graphics to the logo. Each of the dots can stand on their own or come together to create complex patterns. This motif also trickled over into the redesign of the logo, which forms the backbone of the new brand identity.

The entire system of graphic elements is rooted in these three main pillars of services – structured data, infrastructure solutions and the collection of new information. These patterns were incorporated into the identity applications. It was equally important to define a new colour scheme and set of fonts. It was imperative that both reflected the technical nature of the company while also retaining a warm and inviting quality.

We were able to elevate the entire brand identity, lending it a more transparent, slick, and technical style, accompanied by carefully thought-out details. This allowed Datera to break free from the stereotypes associated with this industry and proved that even Big Data can be presented in a captivating way.

  • Jan Kolář
  • Klára Palmer
  • Zdeněk Kurečka
  • Martin Babic
  • František Traksl

“ Excellent cooperation, approach and results that went beyond our wildest expectations. Our customers and partners are just as satisfied as we are. ”

Jan Rančák

Datera / Analytics Business Leader