of the Cyberspace

How to captivate the interest of university students in the IT sector at job fairs?

The company Iseco enlisted us to spark the interest of prospective candidates among university students. The aim of the campaign was to bolster the company’s image as a young and progressive business while also screening for suitable candidates.

As our campaign was primarily targeted towards those of the “geek” variety, we chose a concept that drew on the trend of comic book heroes. And so the Guardians of Cyberspace came to life.

This campaign was based on an interactive quiz designed to test the students’ knowledge. The player had to go through a series of questions from the field of IT. If all (or at least most) of the questions were answered correctly, the player received a valuable prize.

From a technical perspective, we connected the application, displayed on a big screen, to a tablet with a user interface which was used to operate the quiz.

In terms of the design, we went to great lengths to ensure that the look of the application and the entire campaign was in line with Iseco’s visual style and infused it with subtle comic book and retro/sci-fi elements. Naturally, we also created a new logo and designed all of the promotional materials.

Thanks to the Guardians of Cyberspace, Iseco was able to reach out and connect with prospective employees among the ranks of the best and brightest university students, which made us feel a little bit like Iron Man for a brief moment in time.

  • Klára Koubková
  • Jan Kolář