Amazing Places

Travel Guide
for the Picky

A bold and modern visual identity that gives the stories of unique destinations room to shine.

Amazing Places is a guide to special destinations in the Czech Republic and beyond. Each place is different and has its own, unique charm. Our approach thus builds on diversity, while at the same time tying everything together into one, unified whole. The final result is a brand that is young, confident, but also willing to take a step back and give their own clients the space and support they need.

During our process, we placed great emphasis on capturing the company’s distinctive character. Luxury and uniqueness in contrast with a younger target audience is primarily communicated through the colour scheme and striking typography. The logo and other elements are also a part of an entire plan for sub-branding, which the visionary owner of Amazing Places intends to launch in the near future.

We are proud that the new identity of Amazing Places is helping users to find enticing destinations to visit and that it has elevated the brand’s entire project to completely new heights.

  • Jan Kolář
  • Martin Babic
  • Jana Kneschke
Responsive logo
Designed as a component of a bigger
“amazing” family

Results – 1,5 year after
the rebranding

  • Facebook followers + 47 % 140k 207k
  • Instagram followers + 330 % 30k 129k
  • Website visits + 142 % 35k 85k