Amazing Magazine

Inspiring Stories Worth Telling

Amazing Magazine is a quarterly magazine that fuses lifestyle with art, dreamed up by the popular travel lovebrand Amazing Places.

Amazing Magazine is always on the hunt for subjects that should be on our radar. It celebrates the uniqueness of each person, place and object and seeks out inspiring stories worth telling. It’s about returning to things which are especially deserving of our attention in today’s world that resonate with their authenticity and profoundness.

Jan Kolář, our designer, created a striking visual identity for our magazine, including the logotype, cover and page design. He is currently on board as a consultant for the whole project. In cooperation with editor-in-chief Kateřina Černá, Jan ensures the impeccable visual quality of each edition and helps out with the graphic design when necessary.

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  • Kateřina Černá
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The striking logotype builds on the visual identity of Amazing Places while also maintaining a uniqueness of its own. It is unconventionally set right in the center of the cover and directly ties in with the visuals. As the magazine is not distributed in a conventional way, it allowed us to take an approach that isn’t afraid to bend the rules.

The entire magazine is set on the backdrop of a thoughtfully prepared system of grids and typography. This paves the way for the practically unlimited creation of unique-looking pages that don’t compromise the magazine’s consistency. Emphasis is placed on an aesthetically satisfying balance in the design of the text, small-format photographs and full-page visuals, so that even empty space is given room to shine.

“ Cooperation based on an individual approach, creativity, and a keen attention to detail brought forth amazing results that infused our project with soul. ”

Kateřina Černá

Chief Editor