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Experts United

The merging of two companies is a tough nut to crack from a branding perspective. Is it better to preserve one or start completely from scratch?

The owners of Flowenta and CV Relevant enlisted us to help with the visual and communication ends of this merger. Together we decided to create a brand new identity, including the visual style, name and slogan. The final result was a new brand by the name of Capacita. The name itself reflects the company’s desire to connect different ‘capacities,’ or experts, from the ranks of IT professionals and to fill the ‘capacity’ required by IT companies.

Given that the brand targets a very niche and hard-to-please audience, we had to create a visual style that is authentic, modern, and which resonates with people working in IT. We thus decided for a slogan that we thought would speak to them most. The phrase “Level Up!” from the gaming world encourages people to elevate their careers and take them to the next level.

We are thrilled that we were able to elevate Capacita by bringing them up a notch.

  • Jan Kolář
  • Jana Kneschke
  • Zdeněk Kurečka