with their own identity

Unnits are teams of talented professionals who live and breathe their work. They are also dismantling common misconceptions about developers, as they enjoy tattoo culture, martial arts, or even playing the organ at church.

Litea Solution is transforming into Unnits. Over the course of 11 years, this group of web developers for small businesses has evolved into a successful innovative company, developing web applications and lending its expertise to some of the biggest brands, both in and beyond the Czech market. It specializes in providing temp services to big companies seeking teams of expert developers who do not have teams of their own or need extra manpower.

Our task was to create a strong brand that could hold its own in the highly competitive world of IT, a brand that would become the face of the software factory industry that Unnits has trailblazed.

The brand DNA lies at the heart of the new identity that we refined together with the client. A new name, logo, communication style and the entire visual identity are all centered around this DNA. This has given rise to a modern technology brand that sets itself apart from the competition not only aesthetically, but mainly due to the precisely defined philosophy of the company rooted in strong and singular personalities and values. The name Unnits refers to the teams, aka units, of developers that the company carefully selects and hires out to its clients. The double N in the name symbolizes the multiplicity of these teams, creating a unique new word in the process

The dynamic logotype, using different shapes of the letter N, conveys that the configuration of each team is unique and boasts talented individuals with targeted areas of expertise to meet the demands of each project. The fact that the logo is in motion draws attention and makes it more memorable.

  • Jan Kolář, Martin Babic, Klára Palmer, Zdeněk Kurečka, Martin Egrt

The main theme of the visual identity is a combination of every developer’s main work tool – code – and the character of the team members. A unique emoticon was thus created for each team member to use for example on business cards to give clients an idea of who they’re working with. And we took it even further: from pictograms for navigating the office to illustrations on the website, all created using characters that the employees at Unnits and even we have at our fingertips, right on our keyboards, every day.

And so a new code was born with a single message – Unnits is a company full of young experts who will enrich your business not only on a professional level, but most importantly, on a human level.

We designed a brand-new website, strongly rooted in the use of distinctive typography coupled with unconventional employee profiles. The website thoughtfully unveils all aspects of the company’s identity. Both visually and textually, it reflects the brand’s newly defined philosophy that unapologetically dismantles stereotypes about IT professionals. This also trickled into our approach to the employee portraits, which we shot in-house so that the team members were presented as flesh-and-blood individuals who not only live and breathe their work, but are also interesting characters.

The redesign also included the creation of a new logo and visuals for the education platform Dev Academy, which hosts regular events such as Coffee&Code (formerly Breakfast for Developers). Once again, all of the principles of a unified identity come into play here, from the novel use of characters to bold statements, all reflecting a new tone of voice.

“ I’ve felt for a long time now that a strong company needs a strong brand. This is exactly what we found in Unnits. ”

Ondřej Kuděj

Unnits / CEO & Founder